AHU (first break), Diogo Pimentão, Ricardo Pires, FdG Projects, Brussels

October - November 2018

Curator’s Note

Force. Space. Time. Matter.

According the Zend Avesta, the Universe arose from the dynamic interplay between these four principles - and from this creative act, the Cosmic Order, and ultimately our consciousness, was born and sustained.

Artists have a special relationship with force, space, time, and matter. We are bound by these principles as we act upon them. Our individual practices transform these abstractions into artworks, objects that reflect and communicate what it is to be a sensing, feeling, and thinking human being.

I know Diogo Pimentão through his work. I first discovered his works on paper (that look like steel) at art fairs - they were always striking and immediately recognisable. Over the years I could see an evolution in his thought, pushing the limits of his materials, juxtaposing space and matter with his force, and transforming surfaces into sculptures that offer a profound sense for our own bodies and movement. And then last winter, Diogo and I were both invited by Frédéric de Goldschmidt to show our works in Brussels at ‘Private Choices’.

I know Ricardo Pires through his thoughts. We met last winter while surfing in Portugal and quickly found dialogue between Deleuze, Samuel Beckett, our own art practices, and the experience of the ocean. Ricardo has made a practice of seeing the unseen - making sculptural gestures that intersect three dimensionality to expand one’s sense of space in time.

Being half Portuguese and growing up in Boston, I always had a particular longing, saudades, to connect more viscerally with the creative Portuguese spirit. And as I found myself thinking about Ricardo’s and Diogo’s art practice, a subtle but unmistakable dialogue arose. Each of their works have a physical integrity that offers an awareness and poetry about objects, our bodies, and space. Appreciating and growing more curious about each of their creative processes, I invited them to make a film together.

Ahu is a Hawaiian surfing term for a particular wave that breaks twice. When I proposed this project to the artists, little did I know they were already friends and had surfed together as teenagers in Portugal. Little could they have imagined, twenty-something years later, finding themselves and their artworks in such a dialogue. Now, upon the peak of this first exchange, a second wave is forming - to be realised next summer in a creative road trip that will manifest new artworks as we find and catch new waves in further pursuit of the creative process and the forces that guide it.

To be continued ~

Will Kerr



November, 2018