Another Red Tulip, A Montanha, Lisbon

April, 2018

Exhibition Text

(English Version)


This is just another exhibition. More art, more objects, more tulips. With this collection of works, Ricardo Pires shows what he has been working on in the last few months, which is what he always does and has always done. In his own words: to try to find the possibilities of the objects, which, as varied as they may be, each one will be as unique as a painter’s mark on the canvas, and therefore each possibility is also a way of the artist expressing himself.

In the process there is the getting rid of the enchantment that the object can provoke, identifying references that the artist carries as baggage, and then giving the object room to find its most secure possibility. Maybe like giving a flower the right conditions - water, light, space, time - to grow. Just another flower.

The process is by no means perfect, nor is it linear, or consistent, but if there is one characteristic to Ricardo Pires’s process, it is his constant questioning and searching, which is not necessarily done in insecurity. One goes, uncertain, and aware of the risks and the doubts, but one goes regardless. However, at times one might also draw back, retreat, retrace one’s steps, but this too might be art. It is this flower. Or it may well be another. Yet both were picked.


During installation Ricardo Pires and Eva Oddo had a conversation around the subject of the exhibition. This talk can be listen in the following audio file (available in portuguese language only):