Enter Art Fair 2019 - Copenhagen, Denmark

with Montoro 12 Gallery

Aug.29 to Sep. 01/ 2019

“Enter Art Fair is a new and ambitious international art fair taking place at the cultural progressive area ‘Refshaleoen’ in Copenhagen. As the first of its kind Enter Art Fair combines the well-known art fair format with a state-of-the-art digital art fair experience.” - source: https://www.enterartfair.com/


Ahu flow - Ongoing project curated by Will Kerr

Presenting Diogo Pimentão and Ricardo Pires, two contemporary Portuguese artists who push the boundaries of traditional drawing and gesture to create space and dynamic sculptural objects that oscillate between stillness and perpetual flux. The project, curated by Will Kerr, gets some of its inspiration from the shared passion of the two artists for surfing, hence the title, Ahu, a Hawaiian term for a wave that breaks twice. [+]


Ahu (first break) - Diogo Pimentão, Ricardo Pires

curated by Will Kerr

October 24 to November 18 - FdG Projects, Rue de Barchon, 11, 1000 Brussels [Preview: October 24 (7 to 10pm)/ Opening: November 7 (5 to 8pm)/ Open during Independent Brussels: November 8-11 (1 to 7pm) and by appointment]

Ahu is a Hawaiian surfing term for a particular wave that breaks twice. When I proposed this project to the artists, little did I know they were already friends and had surfed together as teenagers in Portugal. Little could they have imagined, twenty-something years later, finding themselves and their artworks in such a dialogue. […]

The Lighthouse - Group Exhibition

September/ October, 2018 - Square Waves Gallery, Ericeira

[…] The lighthouse is a fair case of solitude, away from the center of events it was made to be seen. Intercepts, but is not intercepted. However, an interception is not limited to the unilateral projection of an emitter. For, the multiplicity that involves the world produces no results from its constant emission, but only when it intersects itself in touch points, in new tangents that draw new possibilities. The meeting of the work of three artists, so different in their idiosyncrasy, is invested with a common purpose through such touch points. Tangents to their work processes could also be drawn. […]

Another Red Tulip - Solo Exhibition

April, 2018 - A Montanha, Rua Lucinda Simões, 2, Lisbon

This is just another exhibition. More art, more objects, more tulips. With this collection of works, Ricardo Pires shows what he has been working on in the last few months, which is what he always does and has always done. In his own words: to try to find the possibilities of the objects, which, as varied as they may be, each one will be as unique as a painter’s mark on the canvas, and therefore each possibility is also a way of the artist expressing himself. [...]

Tudo o Resto - Group Exhibition

January/ February 2017 - Pavilion 31, Júlio de Matos Hospital, Lisbon

Tudo o Resto focuses in the interconnection of singularities, processes, and makings. The exhibition establishes (...) "an expansive dialectic in which the immersion in the making and in the time to realize arises the paradigm between the presence-absence of the author in the work, just like everything that exists around him."

Periplos - Group Exhibition

February to May, 2016 - Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, Spain

The CAC Málaga presents the exhibition Periplos/ Portuguese Art of today, which brings together the work of 211 Portuguese artists, who have used as support a canvas with small measures (10 X 12 centimeters) to interpret their work freely. The exhibition, curated by Fernando Francés, is a walk through current artistic trends, also incorporating new languages, such as urban art.

Aqui Não Lanço Âncora - Solo Exhibition

September, 2015 - Espaço AZ, Travessa da Fábrica dos Pentes, Lisbon

The title of this exhibition belongs to an aphorism written by Franz Kafka at Zurau, in the beginning of the 20th century. Here, it appeals to the dichotomy that exists in any present state, a quality of the transitory. Relations of extraneous objects and materials, which differ while forming, depart from drawing as basis and bring with them a new proposal. However this time, unison.